1. What`s your core idea ? Give a very brief explanation. 
    At SoundRex, we are creating the next generation of sound technology. We initially start implementing our technology in Concerts, wherein everybody going for the concert gets a wearable wristband speaker. Now, instead of listening from just two main PA speakers, you are listening from 1000s of spatially distributed speakers. There are two major advantages to this system. Firstly, the sound experience is highly immersive and secondly, it opens up an entirely new dimension of creativity. 

  2. What is the problem you are trying to solve ? 
    The way sound technology has evolved historically is that we started with a mono speaker, which is just a single sound source. Then we went to stereo speakers, which are 2 speakers. The commercial state of the art in homes is 5.1, where you have 5 speakers. In concerts which are supposed to be the best musical experience of your lives, we still have mono speakers and at best stereo speakers. We want to give people the best possible sound experience in concerts.

  3. What is the technology that goes behind this product ? 
    We have a unique patented technology for playing synchronous audio from a multitude of speakers. We use modified computer networking techniques and location tracking mechanisms for data transmission and information decoding (based on location) respectively. 

  4. What is your business model ? Will this product be available to direct consumers
    We follow a B2B2C business model. We rent out SoundRex bands to Event organizers for a night or event who in turn deploy this in their concert. Everyone is supposed to return the bands at the exit of concerts. This product is not available for direct purchase yet. 
  5. What`s in it for Event Organizers ? Why should they adopt us ?
    We are pioneering the way sound is perceived and adding a new dimension to it. If we just talk about the experience, organizers would want to be a part of it. But, coming on the business side of things, we believe that demand from the audience will encourage the event organizers to pursue this. Also, it opens up a new market for them to play on as well. 
  6. What all markets is your technology compatible with ? 
    Our technology works wherever sound is important. The market is not just limited to concerts, but also extends to big sports events, corporate launch events, political events, etc. because the technology can take any form factor. This is a new dimension and hence imagine it as a 3D Audio instead of 2D Audio. 
  7. How does your technology incorporate with current concert practices ? 
    At concerts, wristbands are generally given out as entry tickets, passes or souvenirs. We just incorporate our wristband with those systems and that easily incorporates with current industry practices. Also, for Sound engineers, we provide a software platform to initiate pre-coded sound effects on the crowd. So, our technology is a more like plug and play system with current system.