Hi Everyone ! 

Just for a quick recap, we create awesome sound experiences for the audience at events. In August, we were selected within the Top 40 at K-Startup Grand Challenge. Since then, we have been working closely with Ministry of Science and Technology, South Korea & Actner Labs (an accelerator in Korea) for realizing SoundRex in Korea. 


These past 3 months have been a really good experience for SoundRex. We met all the stakeholders regarding our business and that has made a lot of improvements. We have met a lot of our potential customers and we believe that South Korea will be one of the best market for our product. 

The rest of the 39 teams working with K-Startup Grand Challenge were simply amazing and such a healthy competitive environment helped us grow in a much better way. 


All the 40 teams were working day and night to establish their market in Korea and get selected in the next round of the competition. The aim of the next round of competition was to support (financially and virtually) the best 20 startups for 6 more months in Korea.  

The final round of competition was held on 29th November, 2016 with some of the best judges from Korean ecosystem and Silicon Valley. All the teams were highly competent with many teams having background of Ivy-league universities and having attended world's best startup accelerators (including Y-combinator). 

Yes! We made it into the Top 20 based on our product offering and business development so far in South Korea. 

Road Ahead 

We plan to capitalize on this great opportunity. We`ll be highly focused on establishing our market in Korea within the next 4-5 months and start giving people the best sound experience of their lives! 

Stay tuned at www.soundrex.com for the latest tech in sound ! If you have any interest/query in our venture, do contact us through our website.