Joyously ironic, is the current state of affairs here at SoundRex.
Sound’s nature is to travel, up beyond, and through all bounds. And with SoundRex, it’s giving us a fun ride as well: PAN India, Korea, US, Japan, Taiwan, etc and now the IoT World Conference at Silicon Valley (Imagine Aladdin and the gang on that magic carpet). With the amount of travelling that we have been doing in the past 5 months, we now feel like sound personified (thus the joyous irony!). And this time, at the Silicon Valley, it’s a lot more different.

Over our Asian journey, we have R&D’d (It's high time they made it an official verb now), seen amazing feedbackwon challenges and grown every day. We have spent numerous hours of beta testing, bug fixes, internal demos and public events. And now we are ready to broadcast our growth and learning, for the future of concerts. The Internet of Things World exhibition will be the place where we present the next generation of sound technology.

Over three days of learning and networking with both industrial and consumer IoT businesses, we hope to see the opportunities for new avenues that our technology can be an enabler for.

Road Ahead

We are on the lookout for similar minds to join us on the sound fuelled- flying carpet.
If you share our commitment for redefining concert experiences and are anywhere near the IoT word conference, come say Hi at booth #10, Start-up Section, Expo Floor.