Folks, a wondrous broth has been brewing for some time now here at SoundRex, but the time has arrived to finally take the lid off the cauldron and present it to the world. We can barely contain our excitement about this new development. Cue all the drums to roll, as we ecstatically announce..

That the venerable Jordan Rudess, keyboardist extraordinaire for progressive metal titans Dream Theater, has officially come on board with SoundRex as our Chief Sound Technologist! Yes! You read that right! Yep, you read that right the second time too. And the third time as you rub your eyes in disbelief. Jordan Rudess has joined SoundRex!

A simple google search about Jordan will routinely bring up phrases like "Greatest keyboardist of all time", "Wizard" and so on. For the uninitiated, Jordan Rudess is a virtuoso keyboardist, pianist and composer, best known for playing with Dream Theater, stellar projects including Dixie Dregs, Liquid Tension Experiment, Steven Wilson etc. He is reputed for his immense technical ability and compositional prowess across a wide palette of genres. Apart from this, Jordan has also pioneered the use of novel audio technology in music, having been involved in the development and use of cutting edge music tech, including the revolutionary Roli Seaboard.

Jordan has always had a keen eye out for emerging music technologies, and we are humbled and honoured that he recognised the potential in our product, choosing to join us on this journey. This is doubtless a huge leap forward for SoundRex, as Jordan brings to the table unparalleled expertise and decades of experience. We are absolutely thrilled to have The Wizard himself on board with us, and are committed to making the most of this association. This is, truly, a new chapter for Soundrex


P.S: We would be remiss to not mention that we're also huge fans, and are currently struggling hard to not break out into hyper-excited squealing. This is literally a fantasy come true.