SoundRex makes it to the Top 40 of the K-Startup Grand Challenge, a South Korean Government Initiative to promote Korea as a centre for Entrepreneurship in South East Asia. There were approximately 2400 teams from across 109 countries. Yes ! A success ratio of 56:1.


After a series of interviews (in person/skype), 80 teams were selected in the 2nd round of the competition. All the team representatives were invited to Korea for a week to participate in a series of interviews and pitch. All the teams were highly competent with many teams having background of Ivy-league universities and having attended world’s best startup accelerators (including Y Combinator).

Questions and Answers session in the Final Pitch Week

Despite the tough competition, we made it to the Top 40!

Road Ahead

We will work with Actner labs accelerator (one of the best hardware accelerator) for the next three months in South Korea with the competition organizers taking care of our daily expenses. The team is really excited to develop business relations with one of the most developing and popular industry of the world i.e K-Pop (heard of Gangnam Style?) !

After the 3 months, all the 40 teams will perform on a Demo day, which will decide the fate of the teams in this competition. The journey is long, the end is tempting, but the road is even more exciting !

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